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The Paul Delvaux Museum can be found in the idyllic settings of "Het Vlierhof" and was named after the world famous painter Paul Delvaux (1897-1994). The museum opened in 1982 and offers a brief survey of the collection of the Paul Delvaux foundation.

A visit to this museum is an unique experience: it immerses the viewer in the enthralling atmosphere of the painter's own artistic world.
No other museum in the world can boast such a vast number of works by the world's most famous surrealistic painter of the 20th century.

An exceptional collection of paintings and objects, alternating absolute masterpieces with personal belongings and cherised souvenirs of the master himself, illustrates the life and evolution in the work of Paul Delvaux in an almost intimate atmosphere. The artists's admiration for the female and the melancholy yearning for trains and railway stations, both prominent themes in his work, are elaborately treated. Scores of scale models of trains and trams, commissioned by the artist himself, exemplify Paul Delvaux' enduring passion for the railway.

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Paul Delvauxmuseum
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