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A refreshing dip into the Middle Ages
Discover the role played by the Cistercian Monks of the Dunes Abbey in Koksijde, a European avant-la-lettre project. No dull and stuffy affair or some reomte 'that really doesn't interest me' business. Rather a unique archaeological site and a contemporary museum that breathes renewed meaning into the tale of the silent stones.

Archaeological site
For many centuries, the silhouette of the Cistercian Dunes Abbey dominated the landscape, until, as all things must, it succumbed to the inevitable encroachment of Time. Excavations and painstaking restoration campaigns have unearthed the abbey's foundations from beneath the dust. Today, the remnants of all that behold them. Seek out the silence of the site and stand in awe and marvel before one of the earliest examples of brick architecture within Flanders.

Contemporary museum
Experience the daily life in a medieval Cistercian abbey. Living, working, praying, playing, loving, etc. You'll be surprised at how different and yet similar medieval and modern man really are. Scale models, dummies and multimedia presentations appeal to the senses and bring the past back to life. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes amusing, but always fascinating.

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Abdijmuseum Ten Duinen
Koninklijke Prinslaan 2
8670  Koksijde
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